CMI Industrial Machinmachine shope Shop

headers are manuctured using stateoftheart materials including L, Duplex stainless steel and titanium. The premium alloys offer superior corrosion resistance and durability. A unique, patented bending process assures uniform wall thickness and eliminates any rippling and crazing of the tubing during production. Semiautomated tungsten inert gas welding, plus heat treating of the complete manifold following assembly, significantly reduces internal stresses that commonly cause tigue, corrosion and premature ilure in most high performance applications.

CMI has a complete inhouse machine shop dedicated to developing tooling, fixtures and components necessary for proto or full production. This adds to a full array of support services and capabilities the enables CMI to deliver specific components or a complete system solution for any application.

Visit the Custom Marine Stainless Exhaust Website.CMI Industrial Machinmachine shope Shop

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