simpleVirtual Caregiver for Aging in Place

Help your mily member stay independent and cognitive longer.

CTO, Doug Nelson VP, Avanlee Okragly at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Video IBM SimpleC, Improving Quality of Life for the Elderly

SimpleC delivers personalized therapies to seniors wanting to maintain independence at home.

Care personalization by people who know the user best.

Dan Pompilio, CEO of SimpleC explains a new approach to treating dementia with cognitive technologies.

Participate in your mily members care. Be there for them when they need you most.

Let your loved one remember the ces and voices of the people they hold close to their heart.

Help us use alternative therapy techniques to prevent unnecessary drug usage.

Video Using Technology to Better Support Cheryls Aging Family Members

SimpleC reinvents care for people with memory loss.

Video Using Technology to Better Support Mary and Cackie

Video Using Technology to Better Support Alan with Alzheimers Disease

Uncovering Memories and Sparking Patient Motivation

Program monitoring to track progress and improve care.simpleVirtual Caregiver for Aging in Place

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