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Access online dictionaries for languages

Web translation and glossary management has never been easier.

NewCountry names and translations in languages

Use this tool to translate small s. Some languages supported

NATORUSSIA Military Political Dictionary entries

A new section including some of the most interestingarticles on language and translationthat you can find on the Net.

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NewCountry names and translations in languages.

All our free language tools are now also available in

Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Lycos… plus more than engines.

The origins of machine translationby John Hutchins

New section for language and translation related articles.

With hundreds of links to some of the best dictionaries online

The firstfreeallinone translation wizard for PCs.

Publish your dictionary at for free. We take care of all technical issues

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A brand new site for the professional translator

Do translators fit into machine translation?nline dictionariesmachine tools

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