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Faro Edge Coordinatemeasuring machine, axis with ft. diameter. Volumetric accuracy .mm .in. Single Point repeaility .mm .in. Laser Line Probe specifications Accuracy m .in, Repeaility m, ? .in, Standoff mm .in, Depth of Field mm .in, Effective Scan Width Near Field mm .in Far Field mm .in, Points per line points/line.

Universal grinder, mm , internal/external taper capabilities

Power punch, tons, or mm / diameter hole in .mm / thick steel

While drilling with the Ram Drill also known as theShot Hole Drill, bearings in the air motor were iling due to heat. A new aluminum heatsink, with more suce area, was made.

For the more unusual measurements we frequently performsubarcsecond or nearnanometer measurements in house.

Inspection equipment including large suce plates, optical comparator, optical flats, precision levels, etc.

Fadal threeaxis CNC precision milling machine with travels of xmm , ymm , and zmm ; le is mm mm .

Specialized in welding new ultra high vacuum chambers and chamber components. Also the repair or modification of used vacuum equipment and other scientific instruments.

Oxyfuel flame cutting, plasma arc cutting, and air carbon arc cutting.

University of WisconsinMadison Physical Sciences Lab

High Bay .m wide m long .m high with a ton traveling bridge crane and a ton gantry crane.

Hermle threeaxis CNC precision universal milling and boring machine horizontal and vertical spindles with travels of xmm ., ymm ., and zmm .

Tungsten inert gas TIG, gas tungsten arc welding GTAW, metal inert gas MIG, gas metal arc welding GMAW, manual shielded arc welding, brazing, and soldering.

Mastercam CAD/CAM d software for intecing with the CNC equipment

Hitachi CNC lathe, mm diameter swing over the bed; mm . turning/cutting diameter; mm cutting length; mm diameter bar capacity through chuck; micron ., repeaility

Vertical turret lathe, capacity mm diameter, mm high

ESDsafe white room and other clean rooms for assembly

Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.Feedback, questions, or accessibility

These hot water les were built per a sample purchased by the client. These are used to keep the body of the animal warm during testing.

Major equipment and services in the PSL machine shop

Ovens for curing bstage composites and heat treating metals

The PSL instrument shop bricated and assembled several major components of the enhanced hot water drill in collaboration with the UWMadison ICDS. The reel holds meters of inch cm diameter highpressure hose. It is one of the biggest pieces of equipment ever made in the PSL shop.

Cylindrical external precision grinder, mm mm

Suce grinder, mm mm

Wide variety of materials in stock including standard and exotic

Horizontal boring mill with travels up to mm . x mm mm .

If you need a part replaced quickly or a complex machine built, the PSL machine shop is a fullservice machine shop. Our experienced instrument makers operate a variety of small and large machine tools and equipment for bricating and assembling a wide variety of projects. In addition to the brication of new instruments and parts, the PSL instrument shop repairs, maintains and upgrades new and used scientific research equipment.

Power shear, mm width, mild steel capacity of .mm /

Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, carbon and alloy steel, and other specialty metals covering a wide range of thicknesses and s.

Fryer tool room mill model MB axis CNC or manual operation, travel mm by mm by mm

Lathes, capacity up to mm between centers, mm swing over the bed

Sharp tool room millModel TMV CNC or manual operation, travel mm by mm . by mm .. MILLPWR axis le, saddle, quill CNC system by AcuRite.machine shopPhysical Sciences Lab

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