What Are Simple Masimple machinechines? Definition Types Examples

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For the same reason it would not be wise to move the fulcrum toward you and away from the object you want to lift, when the fulcrum is closer to you, the distance your force is applied over is lessened, meaning you need to apply more force. But on the other end, the distance from the fulcrum has increased, meaning theres a decrease in output force to compensate. Youve just made it harder to lift the object instead of easier!

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Last weekend, I received a really large package in the mail. It was quite heavy, and I could have tried to pick it up myself, but I didnt really like the idea of potentially hurting my back doing this. So, I called a few friends to help, but no one was available, so I was still out of luck. My third option was to use asimple machine, a nonpowered device that either multiplies or changes the direction of a force.

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If you want to lift something on a lever, you put the object on one end of the beam and push down on the other. You do work on your end because you apply a force, which is exerted through the distance of the beam to the fulcrum.

If an inclined plane is slanted at one end, it can also be used as awedge, our final simple machine. This device literally gets wedged between two suces separating them, lifting one of them, or just holding something in place. Much like other simple machines, matters with a wedge! If you have a long, narrow wedge, you will need less force than with a short, wide wedge. This is because the long wedge applies the force over a greater distance. But remember, regardless of what wedge you use, the same amount of work is done. Its just how easy you want that work to be!

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What Are Simple Machines? Definition, Types Examples

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But if you move your fulcrum so that its closer to the object you want to lift, you have increased the distance your force is applied over. This means that while the products of the two sides are still equal, the inidual components are not. Since the distance you apply your force over is greater, the force you need to apply must decrease to compensate. On the other end of the beam, the distance has decreased, which means the output force must increase to compensate.

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What Are Simple Machines? Definition, Types Examples

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Know that the , shape, or angle of a simple machine can make an effort feel easier or harder

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A special version of the inclined plane is ascrew. This is an inclined plane that wraps around a pole or cylinder. Screws create linear motion and force from rotational ones. You turn a screwdriver, but the screw itself goes in straight. Same with a corkscrew into a wine cork your hand goes around in circles, but that helix shape of the screws plane creates a straightward motion of the screw itself.

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What Are Simple Machines? Definition, Types Examples

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What Are Simple Machines? Definition, Types Examples

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Here, the same amount of work is done as before when our fulcrum was in the middle, and the same amount of work is done on both ends of the lever. But simply moving the fulcrum toward the object you want to lift changes the amount of force involved in that work on both ends.

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When you put a rope or cable around a wheel and axle, you get apulley. Depending on how many pulleys you have, you can either change the direction of the force pulling down on the rope to lift an object up into the air, or you can multiply the force to move a very heavy object. When you increase the length of the rope by adding more pulleys, the same idea applies here as with the lever. Except this time, you are increasing the distance of the force over the rope instead of a beam.

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If you need to move or lift a heavy object, it would be wise to use a simple machine. Though these devices are r from ncy or hightech, they are extremely helpful for getting work done.

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If you need to move, lift, or pull something very heavy, you might consider using asimple machine. This is a nonpowered device that either multiplies or changes the direction of a force.Workis done on an object when a force is applied over a given distance, so if you want to make the work seem easier, you need to change one of the components of the work itself.

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The easiest way to do this is by increasing the distance the force is applied over. The greater the distance, the less input force is needed. All simple machines can do this be it a lever and a fulcrum, a pulley with a long rope, or a screw with its long, helical inclined plane.

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Its all about that relationship between force and distance. In all three situations, the work you did was the same. But the difficulty of that work changed depending on how you utilized the relationship of the work components the force and the distance.

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You might be wondering what the heck multiplying or changing the direction of a force has to do with moving that package into my house. Well, according to Sir Isaac Newton, in order to move a stationary object, we need to apply a force to it. And when that force is applied over a given distance, we doworkon that object. More simply, we can define work as force x distance. So, in order to get that box into my house, I had to apply a force and move it from outside to inside I had to do some work!

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Lets see how this works with one of the simplest machines around the lever. Aleveris a beam that rotates on a support point. This lever support point is called afulcrum. Ever been on a seesaw at the park? Thats a lever! Scissors are also levers, as is the flush handle mechanism in your toilet tank.

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Awheel and axleis a simple machine where two components rotate together to transfer force from one to the other. Think of your car or bike wheels or even a round doorknob, and youll get the idea of this machine.

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And this is where simple machines come in. Multiplying the force or changing its direction helps us do work. Its important to remember that thelaw of conservation of energystill applies here less work isnt actually being done, even though it may feel like it. No machine can create energy it just transfers or transforms it. The work input will always equal the work output.

Levers are wonderful, but they certainly arent the only of simple machine. Nor are they always the best simple machine to use. It all depends on the work you want to do.

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Another handy simple machine is theinclined plane. This is a flat suce that is elevated on one end. Think of this like a lever that is stuck in place, almost like the fulcrum is stuck at the r end of the beam. Inclined planes are very useful for moving objects to different s. If youve ever moved furniture, you know having a ramp an inclined plane available is much preferred to climbing inidual stairs!

And remember, just because the work feels easier doesnt mean theres any less energy involved. True to the law of conservation of energy, even with a simple machine involved, the amount of work going in is the same as the amount of work coming out. Its all in how you change the force and distance involved in that work.

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Say, for example, that your fulcrum, or support point, is under the middle of your lever beam. The distance on both sides of the fulcrum is the same, which means that the force will be the same on both sides. You will need to apply the same amount of force on your end as it will take to lift the object on the other end.

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But work is also done on the other end of the beam as the object is lifted up from the other side of the fulcrum. And whats key here is that the work done on both ends is the same. The product of force and distance on both ends is equal. But this doesnt mean that the forces or the distances are equal on both sides. In ct, them different is the key to effectively using a simple machine!

If you need to move or lift a heavy object, it would be wise to use a simple machine. Though these devices are r from ncy or hightech, they are extremely helpful for getting work done.

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