small machine MIG Machine

small machine MIG Machine. The tripod cooling system raised the reliability and dutycycle of the key component

MIG welding is an arc welding process in which a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool, joining the two base materials together. A shielding gas is also sent through the welding gun and protects the weld pool from contamination. In ct, MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas.

. Having the function of autoprotection against overvoltage and overcurrent

. Reliable and energysaving. Convenient to take around with small dimension and weight . Suile for the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper etc.

. EMC electrocircuit added to reduce the pollution to the electric network

. The transformer core is made of hightech material based on nanotechnology

. With digital of the welding current and remote control for option

Latest models of thermal plasma arc cutting systems, manual or mechanized plasma cutting, air plasma cutting and CNC flame/plasma cutting systems inhouse or customdesigned requirements are available.

. Based on the inverter technology. With the function of TIG and ARC

. With OCV as high as V, able to weld basic and acid electrodes

. Easy to start the arc; with sle welding current; reacting st; with no noise; little spatter and little magnetic bias to make welding seam beautiful.

We provide complete range of activities that include Consultation, Design, Install and provision of services mainly to the Oil and Gas Installations, Constructors and Heavy Engineering, Steel Fabricators, Automotive, Steel Furniture and its supporting industries, which produces investment assets characterized by long production life cycle and minimizing the dependence of human resources.

. VRD function is added to meet the European requirement

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