Fortnite Where Are Vending Machines? Map Locations In Battle Royalemachine shop

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In terms of finding the Vending Machines, theyre scattered all across the map, but they dont always appear in the same spots. You can see what its like to interact with some in the video above, and weve also compiled the map you see above, which combines the discoveries of Reddit userclizzythegodwith those weve found ourselves. As youd expect, youll most easily find Vending Machines in highdensity areas like Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, Salty Springs, and Retail Row, but there are others in unnamed parts of the map.

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Youll find Vending Machines all around the maptypically indoors, if our experience is any indication, though weve also found one that was outdoors. Each one has three items for sale and will gradually rotate through them. You can wait for it to change to the item you want to purchase, or you can hit the machine with your pickaxe to make it jump to the next of the three.

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Fortniteupdates continue to rapidly roll out, and one of this years additions to Battle Royale came in the form ofVending Machines. If youre able to find one, you can trade in building materials youve gathered in exchange for a variety of items, which vary from machine to machine. Youll often find these in the same spots, but they are not fixtures. With Season sWeek challengestasking you to use one once again, weve detailed the common locations andwhere to find them,as well as exactly how they function and what prices are like.

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Vending Machines are each randomly assigned a rarity level at the start of a match, as thepatch noteplain. They then sell items at that specific rarityone for each material wood, stone, and metal. Youll need a specific amount of that material to buy the corresponding item, though youre free to buy as many items as you wish, provided you can afford it. That may put a renewed emphasis on collecting materials with the pickaxe, even for players who dont care about building. Heres how much items will cost at each rarity

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